A trip to the British Virgin Islands



We have all heard about “Boy Trips” in the Caribbean. it always involves massive amounts of alcohol and, –with no wives or girlfriends to inhibit them- grown men acting like, well…boys. But, who says the blokes should have the monopoly on fun getaways? If your life is so busy you cannot find time to squeeze in lunch alongside your favorite girlfriend; taking care of your own needs is began the to-do list; it has been a brief time since you laughed at yourself or maybe you’re reaching that certain birthday milestone, isn’t it time to hunt out your girlfriend groove again on a “chick” trip? Whether it is a gaggle of friends with a past history together, sisters, mothers, and daughters, or other women relations, a chick trip is that the time to urge together and leave all the annoyances and stress of your daily lives reception.

It is a chance to urge away, disappointed your hair, and just enjoy yourself and each other, without having to worry about your husband or boyfriend, the kids, the house, the car, your job or the opposite responsibilities. Perhaps there is no better place to urge away from the daily grind and have a chance to bond, reconnect and rejuvenate than on a girls-only BVI yacht charter. Now, don’t panic! albeit you’ve never been sailing or don’t skills, sailing within the British Virgin Islands is simple and safe. consider it as a floating pajama party. If you book through a charter broker, they go to help you create all the arrangements and may even consider belongings you almost certainly didn’t know to ask.

Imagine a “girls’ night out”, but longer! A sailing charter within the BVI could also be an opportunity to relax and be happy to be just who you’re, to undertake to do what you want when you want- without having to please somebody else. it’s about friendship, connecting and support without competition. it is a time to actually be yourself – to laugh, cry, hoot and holler, sing, relax and just be girls again all with the incredible adventure of exploring the BVI by the sea on a chartered yacht.

People come from everywhere the earth to experience sailing on the exquisite turquoise blue waters of the BVI. mentioned because the sailing capital of the Caribbean, the BVI is really the simplest and safest sailing area within the planet. The islands are extremely beautiful and are relatively on the brink of every other. There are constant trade winds, yet the islands are well shielded from the Atlantic weather. The peaceful sea and line of sight navigation make her ideal for first time BVI yacht charter. The anchorages are beautiful and there are many isolated coves and deserted sandbars where you’ll just jump overboard and swim ashore. additionally, if you’re trying to seek out onshore adventure, there’s plenty to undertake to within the BVI. There are many options for booking yacht charters within the BVI. If someone in your group is an experienced boater, a bareboat BVI yacht charter is that the perfect adventure where you captain your own boat and visit the islands at your leisure.

If nobody knows the thanks to sailing, otherwise you merely want to experience a lifetime of luxury as you’re pampered aboard a private yacht- no worries. Try an all-inclusive crewed yacht, during which you’re taken care of by a captain and crew, and where your wishes are their commands. Whether you decide on to laze about all day onboard or engage in some exciting activities, you’ll not be disappointed alongside some time spent on either kind of BVI yacht charter.

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