Experience The Night Life In Val d’Isere

“How will I spend my evenings if I go to French Alps?” That’s the most frequently asked question whenever a vacation in French Alps is discussed. What would you expect from the snowy mountain slopes, thinking that people almost always wear winter clothes for the rest of the year? Well, you’re underestimating the place too much. Ever heard of Val d’Isere? It’s famous for its nightlife and parties all season long!

Maybe it’s safe to say that Val d’Isere is the party capital of French Alps. After all, this is the best place in the Alps where you will see busy day bars transform into a 500 capacity night club with only the finest music, food and drinks they can offer.

One of the most respected institutions in the nightlife district of French Alps is Dick’s Tea Bar. Dick’s has been around for over 30 years and was refurbished by entrepreneurs Seb Hall and Alex Fateh in the summer of 2010. Also, it prides itself for its specially made electric blue Alpine Variation iced tea that’s ultimately packed with booze.

After being a bustling restaurant at Dicks during the day, tired but happy skiers arrive where the comfortable atmosphere await for them. Slippers are available for them to change on and by 4:30, the place is already filled. From 10pm, you will experience an “After Supper Set” where only live acoustic music will fill your hearts. When the soulful music has already readied everyone for a whole night of dancing and shindig, Dick’s Tea Bar becomes a full night club by 12.

Val d’Isere night clubs are modeled and designed to cater for clubbers who are only there for late-night drinks as well as for those party animals that are up for an all-night, non-stop dance. Expect a diverse type of music from eclectic to contemporary songs that best suits every clubber on the dance floor.

Be sure to be on the look-out for the top DJs playing! Dicks Tea Bar have had DJ’s come from all over the world to perform in Val d’isere. Tim Westwood, DJ Hype, James Zabielia and Krafty Kuts, to name just a few are the DJ’s that have previously performed at Dicks Tea Bar.

In Dicks Tea bar Val d’Isere, new seating, advanced lights, and state-of-the-art sound system are provided to guarantee supreme partying satisfaction for tourists and locals. You will also find VIP rooms overlooking the dance floor for an amazing experience, especially for those who want to keep the fete to themselves.

Is it your first time to come to French Alps? Dick’s Tea Bar is only two minutes away from the main lifts in the Alps at the center of Val d’isere. Or, you can just look up at the night sky for the search light!

A commune in the Tarantaise valley,Val d’Isere is the absolute party destination. If you’re looking for a clubbing experience that’s relaxing and sophisticated, then make sure to put it on top of your list. Bump and grind to the latest mixes of today only at the heart of the party in the French Alps.

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